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MOVIE MIDTOWN is an event marketing and promotions firm dedicated to the planning and management of cinema-focused events taking place in midtown Atlanta and surrounding areas. Prior to each event (i.e. red carpet premieres, private movie screenings, and local film festivals), we create movie marketing campaigns to generate awareness and buzz around indie films, thus attracting new and existing audiences


Movie Theater Bookings

Among all metro Atlanta movie theaters, we tend to focus on theaters who also service independent and second run films. For your film release or movie premier, we will book the appropriate theater based on your needs regarding location, seating capacity, cost, etc.

Box Office Ticket Sales

Much like your typical box office, we can track and trace your ticket sales at any and all theaters booked for your exhibition.

Film Data Collection (Surveys)

For newly released movies, we collect data in the form of questionnaires detailing an overall review of your film.

Movie Marketing Campaigns

Often comprised of captivating poster art with catchy taglines; attention-grabbing trailers; and real-world promotional activations.

Film Festival Promotions

Send updates about screenings, film reviews, awards, and other exciting news via drop cards, posters, emails, and social media.

Event Sponsorships

We approach those companies whom we deem most appropriate based on having brands or services that closely align with your film.


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La Vie Magnifique De Charlie

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La Vie Magnifique De Charlie

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Your Partner in Self-Distribution


years of experience

Dating back to the early 90’s, our film industry experience encompasses development, production, distribution, promotion and event management


event staffers

Our talented and diverse team is always ready to host cinema-focused affairs which mainly include red carpet premieres and private film screenings


movie theaters

Per our close relationships, you can select from a list of our core movie theaters all of which are located within a 5 mile radius in the Atlanta metropolitan area


major goals

When working directly with our client, we always strive to (1) determine your vision (2) meet your desired needs, and (3) maintain a detailed budget